Hind Hunting

Less expensive than stag hunting, we feel hind stalking offers great value for money.

Hind Hunting in Scotland

Hind hunting is conducted in the traditional manner, normally on a 2:1 basis with our professional stalkers. They will carefully guide you through the terrain using their knowledge and experience in search of a suitable cull animal.

Less expensive than stag hunting, we feel hind stalking offers great value for money and although it can be extremely challenging during severe winter weather, the outcome can be very rewarding. On this basis we will try to get both clients an opportunity where they can expect to take one to two animals each per day.

With the benefit of managing seven different hunting areas, and the unpredictability of the highland weather, we always have an area that will suit adverse conditions, ensuring the best possibility of a stalk. Hunting times will vary on whether you are woodland or open hill stalking. To ensure clients have the best opportunities, we do recommend a good level of fitness.

Clients will usually arrive at Mingarry Park Guest House on Sunday where they will be warmly welcomed and briefed on the week's hunting. Monday morning will be straight to the rifle range where the firearms will be tested to ensure accuracy, then once the stalker is satisfied it's off to the hunting area. Departure is normally on Thursday or Friday allowing three to four days for hunting. If necessary, travel arrangements can be organised to get you to and from the airport.

We offer hind hunting from November through to February the 15th and can accommodate up to six hunters making up three parties. This however is very flexible and can be tailored to suit one's requirements.


If necessary, we can arrange for visitor firearms passes at a fee of £25 each for administration. However, to reduce cost and travel problems with firearms, we can offer the use of the stalkers' rifles under their supervision whilst here. Most of our European clients now take this option when deer hunting in Scotland.